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Ramona Kunene

Maître de conférences

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Mail : kuneneramona@yahoo.com



  • Kunene, R. (2010). A comparative study of the development of multimodal narratives in french and zulu children and adults (Thèse de doctorat). Université de Grenoble, Grenoble.
    Résumé : When children's language abilities develop, so does their use of co-speech gesture. We tested this hypothesis by studying oral narratives produced by French and Zulu children and adults. Eighty two : 46 Zulu and 36 French participants were asked to watch a Tom and Jerry cartoon and then tell the story to the experimenter. All narratives were videotaped, and subsequently transcribed and annotated for language and gesture using the gesture coding manual on ELAN software. The results showed a strong effect of age on language complexity, discourse construction and gesture for both languages confirming that the development of speech and gesture are a part of the same language process; one cannot study speech without studying gesture if we aim at understanding the complete communicative act. Zulu oral narratives were longer and accompanied with more co-speech gestures than the French narratives due to the difference of perception of the task, the French gave brief, summaries of the narratives, whilst the Zulu gave detailed narratives in line with the norms of orature, confirming that language and culture do have an influence on discourse construction. This developmental shift towards more complex narratives through words and gestures as well as the effect of language and culture is discussed in terms of its theoretical implications in the study of gesture and discourse development.
  • Reig-Alamillo, A., Colletta, J. - M., & Kunene, R. (2010). Reference tracking in gesture and speech. A developmental study on French narratives. Rivista Di Psicholinguistica Applicata, X(3), 75-95.




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